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My journey as a volunteer with Directions Youth Services started in 2012 when a good friend introduced me to the manager at one of the safe house locations. A proposal of my ideas for a garden space was accepted and away we go. Since then our garden project has been adding fresh backyard organically grown veggies and herbs to the menu for the youth. The garden is used not just to add to the menu but also to create an environment for grounding, learning, connecting with the earth, and adding beauty to the space. A garden represents life.

Volunteering with Directions Youth Services has been the perfect alignment for me. I am able to share my passion for gardening and at the same time have the opportunity to impact lives in a positive way. Giving back is one way to see volunteering, but for me it’s grown to be a mutual giving and receiving experience. This has been an opportunity that has helped me to explore and expand my human abilities. I’m truly grateful and happy to be a part of an organization that is dedicated to helping youth to find their way through some of the many challenges that face them today.

Volunteering with Directions

Volunteering can be an incredibly rewarding experience and it can be a great way to give back to your community. It can also be a good way to gain some practical experience in the field. We are always looking for new and wonderful people to join our team.

Key Reasons to Volunteer

Valuable Experience
Giving Back to Your Community

What Do We Look for in Volunteers?

The most important thing for us when it comes to volunteers is consistency. We need our volunteers to be able to commit to their full shift each week for however long they choose to volunteer. Our clients tend to have a lot of chaos and unpredictability in their lives. It can be very wearing on the mind and soul. Directions works very hard to provide some consistency for our clients so that when they access our services, they know what to expect. Many of our clients have troubles with anxiety and coming in to see a familiar face can make a huge difference.

Contact Our Volunteer Coordinator

Directions Youth Service Center
E-mail: directions@fsgv.ca

Current Opportunities

Are you looking for a fun group or corporate volunteering program that engages your team while making an impact? Help us build Directions Youth Services Care Kits for youth in our community. It’s a great way for groups to give back, bond as a team and see the impact that they are making. It doesn’t matter what group size you have whether it’s 5 or 500, or any budget, you can pack Kits and help us make a difference in a youth’s life! Learn more by clicking here.

  • Volunteering at Directions Youth Services has been extremely eye-opening and rewarding. I volunteer in the Media program where I am consistently engaging in meaningful conversations and experiences with youth that attend the centre. I've always had a strong desire to help those in need and give back to the community. Volunteering at Directions helps me fulfill this desire. This volunteer program provides an interesting, safe, and engaging environment to help, communicate with, and provide guidance for at-risk youth. Ultimately, volunteering with Directions has proven to be a very valuable and worthwhile experience and I would strongly encourage anyone who is interested in helping those who are less fortunate with volunteering.

    Stephanie Volunteer

Not ready to Volunteer? There are other ways you can help!

Volunteering can truly be a rewarding experience but not everyone has the time to make the commitment. If you are interested in giving back but are short on time, you can always consider donating to our programs. Many of our programs rely entirely on donations from our community to supply street-entrenched and homeless youth with basic necessities such as food, clothing, and hygiene products. A small donation can go a long way.

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