Directions Youth Detox

Our Directions Youth Detox is a social detox and safe space for youth & young adults (21 years of age or younger) to stay for up to one week. During that time they will have access to medical support, treatment options, harm reduction information, and more.


Our program is completely voluntary and clients may choose to leave at any time. We engage in client-centered case planning and support.

Call Access Central to get on our waitlist: 1-866-658-1221.

After hours or on weekends, call 604-872-4349 or toll-free 1-877-872-4349.

Help End the Struggle with Substance Use

There are many reasons why addictions persist and most them have more to do with the difficult experiences our clients face on an average day. Making a mark in the fight to end substance abuse begins with providing the opportunities to change the circumstances in which the addiction exists. Every step we can take to provide new opportunities for our clients is one step closer to battling substance abuse. You can make a difference by supporting local services. Help others take the step towards a healthier life.

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